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Vision & Objectives

The vision of Gossaigaon College is to impart quality higher education in a conducive atmosphere to the students belonging to all sections of the society and thus help in the spreading of knowledge and advancement of educational activities in all its branches including vocational and professional education. In order to […]


The mission of Gossaigaon College is to impart higher Education to the disadvantaged downtrodden and economically weaker section of the society who are intellectually alert, morally upright, socially conscious, culturally and nationally integrated.

Collge Gate

College Profile

The Gossaigaon College is the only degree College imparting higher education to all the students of entire Gossaigaon civil sub-divission since its establishment in 1971. The primary aim of the College is to provide higher education to the deprived and economically poor section of the society and to empower them […]